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  • Subsidiary

    Hairong (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd.

    Hairong (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of Hairong Group. The main businesses include international trade, cultural promotion, marketing, consulting, information technology, etc. Hairong Technology is also the operator of the “Sri Lanka platform”.

    “Sri Lanka Platform” was established in 2021, supported by the Sri Lankan government and the embassy in China to promote Sri Lanka tourism, culture as well as the display and sale of Sri Lankan products.

    Sri Lanka is a beautiful island in the South Asia, known as a pearl in the Indian Ocean. Its characteristic products include black tea, gems, rubber products, spices, aromatherapy, fruits, seafood, etc., Lanka also has very rich tourism resources.

    Due to the lack of publicity and promotion, Sri Lanka products have not yet attracted wide attention in China, therefore Sri Lanka Platform will open a window for Chinese consumers to get closer to Sri Lanka with better services.Thus, it will promote the cultural exchange and economic cooperation between China and Sri Lanka.

    Anhui Hairong Investment Co., Ltd.

    Anhui Hai Rong Investment Group Co., Ltd., with a registered capital of 50 million yuan, is a diversified enterprise group invested and operated by well-known entrepreneurs from Zhejiang. Specialized in the real estate investment and development, the group also participates in other business scopes such as real estate business operations, cultural industries, property management, marketing planning, commerce and trade. The group has various subsidiaries including, Anhui Hairong Real Estate Co., Ltd., Fuyang Zhejiang Chamber of Commerce Investment Co., Ltd., Fuyang Hairong Property Management Co., Ltd., Jieshou New Times Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. and Jieshou Zhongtian Trading Co., Ltd. With the advantages of group management and capital, more efforts have been devoted to investment and development. Anhui Haoli Real Estate Co., Ltd., one of the group’s subsidiaries, currently has a registered capital of 10 million yuan. Since the establishment of the company, Anhui Haoli Real Estate Co., Ltd. has successfully invested in the following projects such as Fa Jina Modern City, Hai Rong Zhongtian Trade City, Hai Rong Times Square, Fuyang Zhejiang Merchants Mansion, etc.

    Maoming Dianbai Great Wall Mining Co., Ltd.

    Maoming Great Wall Mining Co., Ltd.is the largest key enterprise specialized in manufacturing and operating zirconium and ferrotitanium products in western Guangdong Province, leading in technology and having the strongest competitiveness in the industry. Its products are widely used in refractory materials, advanced refractory ceramics, electronic products, industrial pigments, aerospace and other industrial fields.

    With a 25-year history of development, the company has an experienced management team and R&D team. The raw materials are purchased from the important countries of origin around the whole world, including Australia, South Africa, Indonesia, India, Malaysia, Vietnam, etc. The annual production capacity of the enterprises amounts to one million tons, making it an important domestic supplier.

    Located in the vicinity of Shuidong Port, Maoming City, western Guangdong Province, the enterprise is featured with convenient water and land transportation. In addition, the enterprise owns 230 mu of industrial park and 100 mu of new industrial park.

    Hairong (Sri Lanka) International Investment Co., Ltd.

    Make use of the internal resources of Sri Lanka and carry out in-depth cooperation in various fields including tourism, minerals, culture, new energy and so on.

    Life Station Health Management Co., Ltd.

    As an innovation platform for holographic life science research, “Life Station” is a health care institution integrating health services, health training and health products. It can not only tailor individualized health solutions for different individuals but also train health-care professionals for the society. Gathering the top domestic health experts, “Life Station” thrives to create an industry platform for comprehensive health as well as a 4S shop for human health!