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  • Chairman Mr. Pan Liang visited Ningbo Today Food

    2021-03-02 13:55

    On March 1, 2021, the Chairman of Hairong Group, Mr. Pan Liang, and the delegation visited Ningbo Today Food Co., Ltd., which is the “National Leading Enterprise in Agricultural Industry”, and got a warm reception from Mr. Chen Yifang, the Chairman of Ningbo Today Food Company.

    Today Foods is one of the largest tuna processing companies in China, with an annual processing volume of 50,000 MT. During the discussion, Chairman Mr. Pan Liang suggested Chairman Mr. Chen Yifang to visit Sri Lanka. The abundant marine fishery resources in this South Asia island, the enabling investment environment, is favorable for Today Food company to expand their business territory.


    The two parties proposed several constructive ideas for joint investment in the development of Sri Lanka’s fishery and related industries and finally agreed to visit Sri Lanka together when the pandemic is under-controlled. We look forward to having more investment opportunities in the future.