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  • “Sri Lanka Platform” are coming out soon

    2021-01-16 09:41

    On January 14, 2021, the seminar on establishment of the “Sri Lanka platform” was held at the Sri Lankan Embassy in China. The Ambassador of Lanka to China Dr. Kohona and the Chairman of Hairong Group Mr. Pan Liang and his team attended the meeting.


    The meeting proposed that Sri Lanka has excellent characteristic products and rich tourism resources, while China is a huge consumer market. Now, we need a bridge to link the two party to achieve complementary advantages and resource sharing. Hairong Group plans to invest in the “Sri Lanka platform”, to enhance the cultural exchanges and economic cooperation between China and Sri Lanka.


    The plan was endorsed by the Sri Lanka Embassy. They stated that both the Embassy and the Sri Lanka government will fully support this work, especially in the recommendation and selection of Sri Lanka’s local suppliers and products.